Janet Scanlon

Janet is an actor, improvisor, sketch writer and voiceover artist residing in Portland, Oregon.  She is a lead facilitator with On Your Feet (ww.oyf.com) doing workshops based in applied improvisation.  

Janet took her first improv class in 2009 and has been performing regularly ever since.  She started as a main stage player with Curious Comedy Theater and is currently an ensemble member with the Brody Theater, where she also teaches.  Janet also performs with the groups Administration and Holy Trinity.  Janet also gets to do plays and sketch shows with Bad Reputation Productions, including "Lone Wolves", "Lost Boys: Live!" and "Rudolph on Stage!".  

She acts in short films, commercials, industrials and does voiceover work while she waits patiently for short, average-looking, 40-something ladies to become hugely in demand for film and television work.  Then she is sure to become the next big thing.