The #1 fear among people is public speaking and fear of failure… not anymore! Improv Training in the workplace is fastest trend in professional development.

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Jay Flewelling teaches improv comedy with a unique and direct style of feedback. You will learn new warm-ups and experience a productive and fun time if you have the pleasure to catch one of his workshops.

Do you want to improve your company and employees communication, group mind, focus, listening, public speaking, creativity, bonding, playfulness all while having FUN? Using improv exercising followed up by explaining improv principles, Jay Flewelling will decrease fear of failure and increase true collaboration within your corporate team. Many exercises, activities and games use in applied improvisation are designed to encourage risk taking, playfulness and to be in the moment. Consequently participants will find that they are having fun whilst also developing or challenging their existing mind-set.

Current Workshops

Improv Boost with Jay Flewelling

Are you ready for a new perspective on your improv? Does your play feel stuck and you want a kick in the pants while still having fun? Jay Flewelling, a Portland improviser who has performed with Colin Mochrie and Kevin McDonald, has a unique teaching style that will provide direct feedback to all participants from beginners to more advanced students. Spice up your 'prov while learning new warm-ups, having fun, and receiving individual notes to give your improv journey a boost. 

Production! Production! How to produce a sell-out comedy show

Are you ready to produce your own improv show?  Does your team need/want more stage time?  Are you tired of only your friends and family coming to your shows?  Do you actually want to make money and have a kick-ass show? From navigating online ticket sales to sponsorships, to negotiating venue deals to show promotion this lecture style improv workshop will cover everything from the first steps to taking the stage of a packed house. Jay Flewelling is an award winning film producer and has become thee comedy show producer in Portland’s exploding comedy scene.  For those who want to move beyond dismal pre-sales and 12 sad audience members, Jay will share insider tricks that have led to his success in producing improv, sketch, variety, and storytelling shows around the country. 

Watch Improv like a Director, then SLAY on stage!

What makes a good Director is being able to quickly dissect the scene that said Director is actively watching.  They see all the moves and can name them.   If you use your on stage improv skills of listen hard, catching everything, and being 100% present from your chair in the audience, then you help you to make better moves when you’re on stage.  Jay Flewelling, award winning film maker and currently being scouted by the Timbers, will lead a discussion/lecture based improv workshop that is not hands-on.  This is not the type of workshop you are going to play “Bunny-Bunny” for 2 hours and get really sweaty with strangers.  Participants will be getting on stage for sure, but the bulk of the work will be from watching and discussion.  In this workshop participants will be honing observation skills and scene work analysis by channeling improv skills of sustained focus to actively watch improv like a Boss-Ass-Bitch –a.k.a. like a Director.