Courtney Holland

J Names consistently delivers a variety of witty, intelligent performances. The individual members are all talented in their own right, but the chemistry between them is what makes J Names an exciting team to see over and over again.

- Courtney Holland

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Susan Moriyama, Reynolds Defense

Jay’s improv classes were very eye-opening. He really helps you to be in the “now” and react to what is really happening, rather than your expectations of what will be happening, and he teaches you how to be open and how to stumble. It makes you feel vulnerable - and stronger because of it. I didn’t think that improv could teach me so much that is useful in my daily life. Jay proved otherwise!

- Susan Moriyama, Reynolds Defense

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Deneen Dismore, Reynolds Defense

I was extremely reluctant, hesitant, nervous, doubtful, frequently covered my face to hide… I’m probably a teacher’s worst nightmare considering this was all done in a group setting.  That being said, Jay is the BEST!  He has a way of connecting and creating a safe space for everyone, and always made sure everyone in the class felt good about their contributions. He shines, and somehow, you find yourself shining right next to him. I can say I’ve grown since working with him, and while I have no aspirations to jump into theatre, I would hands down recommend him to anyone who wants to elevate their improv skills, try something new, or take on an “out of the box” team building experience.  If I can do this, literally anybody can.  Thank you, Jay!  You were great!

- Deneen Dismore, Reynolds Defense

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Jesse Cornett, Gresham Chamber of Commerce

When I recommended in a staff meeting that we spend money to hire a comedian to teach our organization’s members how to use improv techniques as a way to improve their business, I got a lot of blank stares. Several months later, Jay did just that. Jay’s quickly become the most talked about session we’ve conducted in a long time. Should you have him come to your company training? YES AND you should book him before he becomes too big time.

- Jesse Cornett, Gresham Chamber of Commerce

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Matt Tominaga

I think Jay is an incredible teacher & performer. He is brilliant at analyzing what people need to work on,he is direct,rigorous and doesn't let anything slip by.He is also very heart centered and adds a very special component of love,gratitude and presence to his classes that makes an enormous difference to the ensemble.

- Matt Tominaga

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Caitlin Shrigley

Jay is the best coach I've ever had on any subject. Full Stop. 
Jay gives you the best, worst news you've heard. Which is to say, he gave me specific, detailed, and actionable feedback that pushed me to be better. His coaching is in bite-sized pieces (even if it wasn't always easy to swallow) and delivered it in a kind, thoughtful manner. 
His warm-up choices always tied into the class material, allowing us to isolate and explore different elements of improv. I also appreciated the positive space he created for reflection about our performances.  

- Caitlin Shrigley

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